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Companies are required to have a strategic plan for all the money that comes and is spent in various operations – sales and revenues, assets, liabilities, cash flow, costs and expenditures, and others.

Such budgeting is a prerequisite for any firm – big or small. Furthermore, it is also essential to report the numbers correctly and in time to enable the decision-makers to make the right decisions at the right time. Such an MIS reporting system proves to be crucial for a company in the current times of a complex and competitive business world. We, at SMC, are a solution for you, as we are engaged in both outsourced budgeting and MIS reporting services to ensure that the financial health of the company remains positive. Our financial expertise helps us provide you recommendations that can reduce costs, increase profitability, and make timely informed decisions.


Preparation of annual, semi-annual, and quarterly operating budgets for the company for comparison with financial goals and objectives

Preparation of budgets individually for departments to understand the costing for each department and comparison purposes

Preparation of annual costing of different projects, which may be used for the entire lifetime of the project to control expenses

Preparation of capital budgets for companies to recognize, evaluate, and strategize the capital needs of a company

Preparation of cash flow forecasting models to identify the variances of the cash flow from the budgeted amount

Enabling smooth communication between the top management and different departments regarding financial planning and goals

Assisting in preparation of budget-to-actual and budget-to-forecast reports to ensure alignment of actual spending with the priorities

Assistance in understanding the variances and responding to the queries on variances from the top management

  • Extracting data from your existing accounting software, CRM, third-party software, and plotting them on
    reporting tools, Excel, and business intelligence tools including, Power BI, Tableau, etc, and making big data analysis possible
  • We help you define and track KPIs so that you can always monitor the performance of your employees, sales, project, etc
  • Preparations of reports and dashboards with stunning visualizations and charts
  • Tracking profitability of each project and drawing comparisons
  • Preparation of customized dashboards for management reporting purposes for quick decision making
  • Preparation of reports for revenues and expenses segregated by business units, projects, geographies, products, and services
  • Profitability reports as per defined business unit, profit center, product category, geography, etc
  • Critical expense reporting
  • Monitoring and reporting of account payable and account receivable
  • MIS Reporting for sales by invoicing, order processing, collection, and other factors
  • Preparation of MIS reports on special requests from the management
  • Preparation of reports of functions where management intervention is needed for its betterment