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International Taxation is a study on determining the Tax accrued on an individual or business based on the different Tax laws of different countries. With increasing globalization, Multinational Companies across the world are investing more and more in India and as they go about establishing themselves, it is very crucial for them to understand India’s tax structures and regulatory policies. Similarly, Indian domestic companies interested in or planning to go global or be listed on the overseas bourses also need to understand the complexities of cross-border taxes and regulations. Knowledge of corporate tax and regulatory framework for carrying out any activity is now an integral part of doing business in India or overseas.

Over the last few years, tax authorities in India are focusing on increasing the tax base through e-governance and digitization. Add to this, increasing changes and new developments in the tax structure has the potential to cause uncertainty and litigation. In addition to an already existing complex and uncertain tax environment in India and globally, corporate need to scale up their infrastructure to ensure compliance of the new and ever-changing tax and regulatory framework.

To understand and work out any tax scenario in India, assessing the residency of individuals / multinational companies is critical. Another key area is transfer pricing, which due to increased global trades, confronts a company with cross border transactions with complex tax issues. As global trade increases, companies are confronted more and more with complex issues associated with intercompany pricing.

Accounting and consulting firms have dedicated professionals, well-versed ininternational tax and regulatory services. They advise on various tax matters and help clients manage the complexities of multiple tax systems and cross-border challenges.

Tax advisory – Inbound and outbound

Any multinational corporate setting up their business in India requires help from international tax professionals to keep pace with the usual challenges while setting up business in India and also understanding the Indian legislative and regulatory environment.

Tax professionals provide strategies on:

  • Tax-efficient holding company structure.

  • Jurisdiction selection best suited to meet the tax and commercial objectives.

  • Ease of Capital Funding and optimization of Tax based on appropriate capital structure.

  • Ascertain the applicability and mitigation of withholding taxes on cross border payments such as interest, royalties, dividends or branch payments.

  • Evaluate foreign tax credits, allocation of expenses principles, permanent establishments risks.

  • Helps establish Business models that improves on the permanent risks with regard to

  • Cross border treasury and finance.

  • Evaluating intellectual property(IP) domicile jurisdiction and structuring intellectual property(IP) transfer in a tax efficient manner.

  • Tax efficient cash repatriation and up streaming.

  • Review of international tax attributes including planning for group Effective Tax Rate reduction.

Key attributes of an international Tax Advisor :

  • Experienced professionals who act as trusted advisors to clients on corporate tax and regulatory matters.

  • Focus on industry specialization in order to be well versed with issues and challenges faced by various industries.

  • Confidentiality and data security of clients is achieved through adequate internal controls and risk policies.