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The business environment is continually changing, and with the increased competition, it has become necessary for businesses to focus on managing the business with the utmost care and dynamism.

A business suffers from various risks, including business risk, operational risk, system risk, and financial risk. All these risks have to be appropriately identified, ranked and managed to stay competitive in the current environment. Risk management and operational efficiencies are the two aspects that can make or break a company. Proper internal controls have to be designed, implemented, and monitored to ensure top-notch performance. Our auditors at SMC helps management by advising them on various aspects to improve the overall performance of the company. We provide management audit services where we conduct risk assessment studies, design internal control, implement management information systems, and ERP systems to ensure that the organizational goals are achieved. As the management of businesses is getting more and more complex, it gets even more important to get expert advice from the ones who are the best in business.


Management audit is a systematic examination, appraisal, and analysis of management’s overall performance. It involves a comprehensive examination of structures, components of various departments of the organization, analyzing plans and policies, operating procedures and internal control, and how the organization uses its physical and intangible human resources. It provides a clear, independent, and comprehensive review of the functional efficiency of the organization and improvement opportunities. Our management audit service is highly customizable to meet your unique needs. We assist you in managing your key business challenges, be it achieving your organizational goals and objectives, meeting operational issues, complying with laws, or providing information that aids in decision making.