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A direct tax imposed on the income of the company is called a corporate tax.

Our team includes expert corporate tax consultants with rich experience in corporate tax and the related regulatory matters. We provide corporate tax services including, tax planning, tax compliance, tax returns filing, advisory services, and representation and litigation services in income tax matters faced by companies. SMC's insightful corporate tax consulting services address your corporate tax-related issues and challenges and give you the much-deserved peace of mind. Our technique to having satisfied clients is through a holistic approach of providing corporate tax advisory services starting from an understanding of the business of the client to filing returns and handling the litigation matters. We go through each step, supporting the clients from start to finish to ensure the planning and implementation of effective corporate tax strategies.

The corporate tax clauses mentioned in the Indian Tax Laws are complicated and trying for an ordinary person to understand and apply. In addition to the tax payments, there are other concerns of strategic tax planning, satisfactory compliance with tax authorities, and accurate financial reporting of taxes, all of which require a profound understanding of income tax act 1971, and related rules and regulations. Whether a company is a first-time taxpayer or a long-time taxpayer, it can immensely benefit from our business tax advisory services.


The provisions of TDS are very rigorous, and non-compliance to these provisions may lead to severe consequences. In case of non-deduction of TDS, non-payment of TDS, or default on any of the TDS compliance laws, leads to high interest and penalties. Our diligent team of tax experts ensures that our clients comply with these provisions to avoid penalties and interest. Our TDS compliance services include calculation/deduction/collection of TDS at correct rates, timely deposit, accurate reporting of TDS, submission of TDS returns within the due dates, verification, and issuance of TDS certificates within time, corrections, payment of fees/interest amounts, and management of deductor's accounts to take appropriate action.

Corporate Tax Returns Filing

Companies have to file their tax returns in form number ITR 6 or ITR 7 as applicable, on or before September 30 every year. Further, a specific class of companies is also required to get its accounted audited and submit an auditor's report along with the tax return. The job of filing income tax returns is best left to our corporate tax consultants. SMC's team of business tax experts provides the required expertise in the calculation of tax liability of the business. We remain associated with the company throughout the year to be aware of the kinds of business operations carried out that affect the tax calculations. We assist all kinds of businesses – be it a private limited or public limited company in the successful filing of corporate tax returns.

eTDS Returns Filing

When a TDS deductor deducts tax at the time of making payment to the payee, he is also required to file a TDS return. The Income Tax Department in India makes it compulsory for the deductors to submit the quarterly TDS returns on time. Our team of corporate tax consultants ensures that our clients are not left behind in filing these error-free e-TDS returns.