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It brought changes in the tax structure, tax computation, compliance, tax payment, tax incidence, and reporting. Moreover, it affected the operations of businesses, business models, implementation of policies, and key compliances. We provide you the GST opinion services and advisory services where you get the definite solution for your GST related concerns.

It has been very difficult for businesses to adopt the new indirect tax and get all the compliances and tax liability payments done effectively and efficiently. We, at SMC, express our expert opinion on matters related to GST to ensure that you comply with all the GST related statutory requirements.

Identification of goods and services

Advisory services on anti-profiteering provisions of GST, appropriate precautions to be taken, and pricing mechanism considering the legalities involved and additional savings

Consultative services on alternative business models for credit optimization and tax efficiency, potential risks, and mitigating strategies, and contractual scenarios that can work for companies

Review services for reconciliations, records, and formats, audit reports, filing of annual audited accounts, notices or communication from the tax department, and specific, incidental, and ancillary records as required by GST law


Opinion on the pricing of the products

We help the client companies in understanding the changes that GST has brought on the key business functions and the resulting impact on the cost control strategies, pricing strategies, and productivity of the company. We understand the facts of the case and provide our expert opinion on GST rules on MRP priced products. We also deal with circumstances where products were distributed as free samples, we guide companies on applicability of GST on free samples and supplies.

Analysis and opinion on business functions

The key business functions wherein the impact are seen include procurement, warehousing, supply chain management, working capital, production, distribution, information technology, and other functional areas. Our GST experts provide the required opinion on the classification of products and services of the company into HSN and SAC codes, applicable GST rates, and identification of products and services that are exempt from GST or given concessional rates.

GST opinion on industry-specific matters

  • GST on real estate
  • GST on advertising sector, GST on media and entertainment industry
  • GST on educational institutions and GST on NGO and charitable trusts
  • GST on gold and jewelry sector
  • GST on transport agency and GST on cab services, GST on shipping industry, GST on logistics, GST on Automobiles industry
  • GST on IT industry, GST on eCommerce websites, and GST on eCommerce marketplaces
  • GST on hospitality industry, GST on food services, GST on restaurants
  • GST on insurance and banking, GST on Banks and NBFC
  • GST on coal, GST on Iron and Steel, GST on tobacco industry, GST on agriculture
  • GST on pharma and life-saving drugs, GST on healthcare
  • GST on fruits and vegetables, GST on Textiles
  • GST on Wholesalers and Retailers, GST on small and medium enterprises
  • GST on freelancers
  • GST on special economic zone
  • GST on importers, GST on exporters