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Are you into cross-border transactions (Export-Import or International Investments)? Don’t miss out to know the following:

  • Benefits of setting up a Branch in Dubai / Singapore / Mauritius / HK / BVI
  • TDS liabilities on foreign payments including fees for technical services
  • Off-shore structuring apropos International Transfer Pricing (ITP)
  • Leveraging on Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)
  • Ensuring RBI & FEMA Compliance to avoid potential litigations in future

Our international tax practice work includes representation on a variety of complex cross-border and domestic transactions encompassing areas such as:

  • Globalization of Indian enterprises abroad

  • Issues relating to treaty interpretation such characterization of income and permanent establishment concerns

  • Transfer pricing issues

  • Structuring cross-border mergers and acquisitions

  • Financing transactions

  • India entry and exit strategies


It is often seen that while Foreign Companies have professional consultants guiding on taxation matters, NRIs on the other hand are not found informed of even basic provisions. This leads to unwarranted penalties, and at times losing on fundamental benefits. For instance, under the DTAA treaty between India & UK, and for that matter many other countries, provides for taxing of dependent personnel services only by the other State, and not by the State where the person is a resident. This gives ample room to make to legally plan your income, unless if you are not aware then you would end up paying taxes at both the ends.

To give a simpler example, there are NRIs who even after spending 10 years overseas would not be aware that FDs in India under an NRE account are fully tax-exempt. It is ironical that instead of leveraging on such a brilliant opportunity given by the government, and which is only limited to NRIs (not available to resident Indians irrespective of the slab they fall in), most NRIs are found investing in other instruments with the hope of earning 15%, and on which they will anyway end up paying a 5% tax. Resultant effect is that an NRI would earn marginally extra in spite of taking such a huge risk. Your consultant hence can go a long way in not only helping you plan your taxation, but also for generic guidance in the right direction.

Following services are offered :

  • Obtaining lower or Nil rate TDS certificate for sale of immoveable property by NRI

  • Compliance with FATCA as far as Indian assets and income are concerned

  • Estate planning at the time of family settlements

  • Benefits of DTAA

  • FEMA compliance while making or receiving a monetary Gift to friends or relatives in India

  • RBI norms on loans that can be granted or received from Indian entities

  • Setting up a business in India as an extension of US business or as an independent entity